Run. Live. Let go. 

Running. I hated it growing up. I used to rejoice when my asthma dr would write a “sick note” to the school saying I couldn’t participate in the mile run required in gym. 

Not anymore. I’m addicted to running. The feeling. The reflection. The feeling of flying. 

Now running is my therapy. 

Running is me conquering the world. As Marilyn Monroe said,

Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world.

-Marilyn Monroe  

Running is my reminder in life that if I face the doubt, I’ll crush it and soar. 

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

-Erin Hansen

Runners high is the best medicine. The most amazing pick-me-up.

Running clears my mind and regrounds it on Truth.

Running is a reminder to always push my self a little harder then I think possible. 

…you are braver then you believe, you are stronger then you seem, and smarter then you think.

-Winnie The Pooh 

Running helps me reclaim my body and see it as strong, capable, and victorious. 

Running makes me fly, above all life’s worries and cares. 

Running reminds me to live in a forward direction, only lookin back to see how far I’ve come. 

Running challenges me to have grace on my body. 

Running ignites a fire of confidence.

Running reminds me to thank God, for my good health and endurance to run not just 6 miles, but the race of life.

Keep running the race that is set before you with endurance. 

-Hebrews 12:1 

Running is a physical reminder that training and conditioning the body and mind is essential in not just a race, but in every aspect of life. 

Everything is possible for one who believes. 

-Mark 9:23

So why do you run? What has running taught you? 

29 things I learned from my 20’s

1) I’m stronger then I thought. Often times resilient to things I thought would break me. 

2) Don’t just survive. Learn to thrive. In all things, and through even trials. 

3) “Impossible” is almost never an accurate statement. Never be afraid to fall. Because it’s likely I will soar. 

4) Trust my gut always. It never has been wrong. 

5) Dream big. Expect to crush the dreams and go beyond. 

6) Peoples oppinions of me are not what defines me, or my worth. Choosing  freedom over living life to please others, is life changing.

7) To know the difference between extending grace and enabling those I love. But always forgive fully. 

8) Put my own air mask on before assisting others. Putting my self first allows me to be at 100% full so I can give 100% of my self toward being the best friend, spouse, parent possible. 

9) Don’t be afraid of change. Change is often good. 

10) Joy is a state of mind. What I thought would bring me joy actually brought me pain. Yet where I never wanted to be in life, is where I am now, with the most joy I’ve ever had in my heart. 

11) The worst pain is a needle in the palm of the hand or sole of ones foot.  Get cute, fashionable shoes and wear them. protect  your feet from glass. It’s a win win then. 

12) Believing you can do something is half the battle. Once you believe you can you’ve done half the work. “She believed she could so she did.” 

13) Never say never. You just might change your mind one day. I sure did. 

14) Sleep is overrated. Between college and motherhood, I learned this well. 

15) Best mend to a broken heart: loving your self, knowing your eternal worth, and finding peace in the journey. 

16) Inadequacy, and doubt, only sneak in when one looks at others around them instead of focusing up word. 

17) Planning and looking ahead is important. But embracing the present is just as important. Each moment is a gift. Find contentment. 

18) Tough times don’t make you stronger. They just show you the strength you’ve always had, but never realized till you were forced to exercise it. 

19) Sometimes plan B is better then plan A. You just couldn’t see it till you were there in its light. Be open to life’s detours, it might lead you to an adventure of a life time. 

20) God is so real. More real then I ever knew. His thoughts are good for His children. He’s the constant source of life. My Strength. Redeemer. Provider. Healer. The Rock.

21) People are human. They will fail you. But that isn’t a reflection of you, or your worth.

22) Travel, it’s nectar to the soul. If you have the means, do it! Push your comfort level, explore, seize the oppertunity to experience new places. New cultures. It’s worth it every time. Find who you travel well with, and travel often. 

23) Save money. Plan ahead financially. Yet learn the right balance between saving, and treating your self with nice things from time to time.

24) Always choose love. Let love be the main driver of life. Tell actions driven by fear to get lost. 

25) Never give up on ever lasting love with a special someone. Tell your heart to always beat again. Dont let past hurt scare you from embracing love the next time. 

26) The power of a positive word. It has the ability to change you, and others the same. Always be kind and affirming with the words you speak to yourself, hot body. The positive impact of a compliment to a stranger can make someone’s day. Negotive words can kill a soul. Uplifting words speak life back into the soul though. 

27) Family extends beyond your blood. Build a village with friends who love you. Never be too prideful to seek help from that village. People are made for community. Allow others to be of help when you are in need.

28) Vulnrability and transparency are key components to a life of growth. Not just for your own growth. But for those who hear your story. Inspire others through your testimony. 

29) You have a voice. It’s not small. Use it. Be brave, stand up for truth. 

Father’s Day when you are a Single Mom. 

Someone asked me how will I celebrate Father’s Day. My response. “With my Dad. Him, my son and I are going hiking.” I knew what they meant though. They were not asking that. 

But truth be told. As a single mom. With her childs father across the country.  That has minimal contact…. how does one respond. I’ve thought about this a lot. Because the first two Father’s Days were tough. 

Let me be clear. I’m not bashing or taking down to fathers who live far away from their children. I know many fathers including my son’s, who love their children even through the miles. 

Father’s Day, can be mixed with emotions for single mothers. Disappointment, feeling lost with a lack of responses to questions, dreams washed away of watching kids celebrate as they sit in their Dads lap as he opens gifts… The sadness to know your kids won’t have that. 

As a single mom, life is fairly fast paced. Juggling being mom, breadwinner, care taker, and handling all errends and details in between. With lack of much sleep. So most days I forget it’s just my son and I. I forget we are lacking a 2nd parent in the home. But this day is different always. 

The reality is with the age of my son, and the little contact he has with his Father, its a confusing day for him to understand. He still doesn’t grasp what “Dad” means.

Being a single mom, I’ve been honored on this day by some. If you go by traditional gender rolls, sure, I play both Mom and Dad to keep our lives moving. But, I’m really just a Mom, working double time. I’m not a Father, I’ll never be a Dad. 

Regardless of the things I do for my son. The sports I play with him. The afternoon wrestling games. The sword fights. The specific designated talks I have with my son, that typically a father would have. The one women show when it comes to being a disciplinarian… But still, I’m not a Father. It’s important to note: A mother can do all those things too, just as well. 

Yet, the void, the lack of a daily present father is still felt. My son feels it, even though he’s never known anything different then it just being Mom at home with him. I feel it too, in being a single parent. The void is felt, especially on this holiday. So please, don’t wish me happy Father’s Day. I don’t feel like a Father, and I’m not a Father. 

I’m just a Mom raising her son. Doing whatever needs to be done. Doing whatever it takes to raise him to be an honorable, respectful man in society. One who loves others. Respects both his parents regardless of dynamics. But most of all, I’m raising him to know his worth. Who he is in Christ. His sonship to a Heavenly Father. 

So on this Father’s Day we will call his Dad, and honor him as we will say happy Father’s Day. Every father is important. Irreplaceable. A role a child looks up to, seeks affirmation and love from. 

Although dynamics in our story might be different then planned, it is one we learn to embrace. As a single mother who watches her son grow up with out the daily interaction with his Father, I find comfort that he knows he’s loved! 

Today on Father’s Day, we also celebrate the men who act as role models for my son. We thank God for His roll as a Heavenly Father that we look to for provision, and seek wisdom from, as we lavish in His great love. The love that is ever present in our lives. 

To those single Moms out there. Regardless of the dynamics. Regardless of the past hurt, pain, maybe bitterness felt especially on a day meant to honor fathers, encourage you to not forget this day. Single Moms, you do by traditional roles, often times play both parents. And holy cow it’s not easy, I know! Instead of focusing on the pain, focus on the way this day can be another day to bond with your child through go doing the other person who helped bring them into this world.  Because no matter how your child’s father plays a current role in their life… They played the biggest role in blessing you with that sweet life you hold on your arms. 

Even if you can’t watch your son/daughter embrace their Fathers love today. Even if can’t have that dream on this Holliday, know that their Heavenly Father is ever present, with an unending love. 

Father’s Day doesn’t have to look like Hallmark pictures. You are the author of how to best spend Father’s Day with your children. Make it a great one, don’t hide in your home waiting for it to pass. 

Firefly Jar Craft for Mom’s

Mom’s you all are really amazing and this is the most adorable craft for a kiddo to give their mom.

I had to give it a shot, since just by staring at the original toutirial by Michelle at I was gushing already at the adorableness overload. She adds a bow on the jars for the perfect cutsie touch!

I hope you too, find it super adorable! Go be crafty and get your kids hands in some paint. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Printer (if you don’t want to free hand draw the jar)*
  • Blue card stock paper (or printer paper of the thickness isn’t important to you)
  • Yellow washable paint
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
Draw the outline of a mason jar and cut it out.
painted lightingbug jar
Use a sharpie to draw on the rim. Next paint a large oval near the bottom of the jar.
This is the fun part! Help your little out finger prints down to represent the lighting bugs glow. How cute his that! Important part is to let it FULLY dry.
Get your sharpie to draw the lighting bugs in each of the finger prints. Now, write whatever fun message in the oval.

*Sweetly Scrapped has free jar printable’s. 

Open Letter to My Mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, here’s a letter to my mom, and all the moms out there. A big thank you! For the impact they have had on us.

Dear mom,

I remember when I was 16 I sang the song “Wind Beneith My Wings” to you. Every word, is even more true today. You are my hero.

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero. And everything I would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle. For you are the wind beneath my wings “

But here’s why.

Thank you for showing me what strength in a women looks like. Being real, raw and authentic in who you are. The trials you’ve gone through. The inner battles you’ve faced. You showed me a strong women is one who isn’t afraid to show moments of weakness. The importance of being vulnerable and the encouragement to others it is.

Thank you for demonstrating the importance of being a fighter. For your self, for your health, for your family, for your children. You showed me no fight worth fighting is ever too big! The ability to rise above. You showed me that even if winning the fight takes years, it just is that much sweeter when the victory arrives.

Thank you for showing me what drive looks like. To take initiative, go after what you want. The drive that keeps any set backs from stopping you. To see a wall as just another obstacle that requires a plan B, C, or D, but never means impossible.

Thank you for being a defender of the weak. Defender of the weary, and help those you can’t carry on. Thank you for showing me the blessing of helping and standing up for those who need it most.

Thank you for your dedication as a mom. Assuring you provided us with the best opportunities, experiences, education, and most of all you were dedicated to make sure we were nurtured and loved. Your dedication in doing all that took more mental strength, physical energy, and sacrifice in ways Im just beginin to grasp. You took your job as a mother seriously, and didn’t follow the trends with out doing research (the reason I research everything in my own life).

Your dedication was selfless, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Thank you for putting your self first. For showing me the importance of making sure I care for myself before I help others. I saw you prioritize time for your self, your hobbies, your passions, and your sanity (and lord knows I know you needed it raising me LOL). I grew up thinking it was normal, every mom took time to rejuvenate, to continue their hobbies, while still knowing how to prioritize kids. What I realized is very few people from that generation knew how to take time away to focus on growing who they were aside from motherhood. I’m so grateful that growing up I saw this demonstrated daily.

That brings me to this point. Thank you for showing me that motherhood doesn’t define a women and take away from who she is at her core. I saw you as mom, my mom. But I also saw you as a creative, passionate women, who loved many different hobbies, history, art, and had a passion for her home state of course! Motherhood was a part of you, of your calling, of your passions.

But you were not just a mother. To me, you were a incredible well rounded, educated women who continued to follow her passions along side being a mother.

Thank you for creating an environment of security where I could come to you with any questions I had. Thanks for always making time to answer the tough questions, and have the tough talks. For cultivating a place where I could feel safe, be vulnerable to disclose secrets, fears, joys, failures, successes, and dreams.

Thank you for knowing me better then I knew myself at times when I needed it most. For the times I tried to be strong but you could tell I was hurting. The time in college with mono symptoms and I told you I’d be fine. But you knew better. You dropped everything and drove up to be there for support, because, I did need you.

Thank you for all the many sacrifices you made. The countless sleepless nights. The vacations put on hold to instead take vacations us kids would enjoy. The financial sacrifice of quitting your business to school us kids full time at home. Countless hours you put in to volunteer at the Ice Rink so we could figure skate competitively. The weekends dedicated to drive us to those competitions. Financial sacrifice you made to allow us kids to pursue sports we took so much pride and joy in. The sacrifice of peaceful quiet home, because the world now probably knows raising me was not in anyway what would be called “quiet”. The sacrifice of sanity haha… Just kidding. But for real, thanks for all the emotions you poured into being a mom that empathized with us in trials, hurt, and in victories. For your time. Energy.

Thank you for believing in me. Being my cheer leader for me in times that just down right sucked. By believing in me, you instilled confidence. I believed in myself. My abilities. My dreams.

 Thanks for seeing my potential, for speaking truth to me that I could do anything I wanted to do.

Thank you for reminding me always to be true to my self. My convictions. My faith. To NOT be engulfed by the judgment of others. But to stand firm in being me.

Thank you for taking joy in motherhood and in me. The joy on your face when I reached a goal. The radiance your face displayed when I was young and couldn’t wait to show off a project I was proud of.

Thank you for demonstrating unconditional love for my father. Displaying love and respect for him as your husband. The dedication to and priority your marriage is. The manor in that you speek about him as your husband, our father in an honorable, uplifting way.

Thank you for demonstrating how to love, and what love looks like. Loving with out limits, with out discriminating, with out fear. Fully and selflessly. For showing me the importance of having love be the motivator to everything we do.

Thank you for the hugs. The kisses. The positive display of physical touch. The healing ability a hug has when the heart is weary. The tender touch of a mother of reassurance.

Thank you for extending grace to me, and others. Showing me what grace looks like. The importance of second chances. The gift of a fresh start, with out shame and guilt. The source of our Grace, the Jesus who gave everything for it.

Thank you for showing me forgiveness, the power of it. How holding on to others wrong doings is toxic and debilitating to one’s journey and relationships. For showing me how essential it is to ask for forgiveness, the humility to admit ones wrongs. The act of repentance. Making amends.

Thank you for holding me to a high standard when it came to manors, respect for others, and those in authority. For teaching me the importance of being respectful to others, even if I don’t agree with them.

Thank you for demonstrating a solid work ethic. The key to taking self initiative in a job, and in life. Being flexible. Accommodating. Teachable. and the importance of open communication.

Thank you so for teaching me life at times is just not fair. That being entitled isn’t an option in life.

Thank you for teaching me how to see life through a positive lens. The positives above the negatives in life circumstances; through trials that arise. Whether it be people or situations that are outside my control.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunities to travel different places as a child. Introducing me to different cultures, different experiences all over the US. Encouraging a love of travel, the desire for adventure. And of course how to navigate through any airport system. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your love of history, the beauty in different cultures from all different times. Thank you for introducing me to the beauty of music, the art of theater, the love of performing. I love that we share in these interests today.

Most of all, thank you for displaying the heart of Christ to me. The importance of having faith, a relationship with God.

As an adult, I’m thankful for our relationship. How it’s adapted, changed, and grown to what it is today. Thank you for your friendship. Sharing in both laughter and tears. For your encouragement. Words of affirmation. Still believing in me. The random sweet letters. Your continued unconditional love for me; but also now shown through unconditional love for my son, your grandson.

My goal. Desire. What I strive for. Is to be a mother like you. Who loves. Teaches. Equips. Guides. A steady presence of strength that holds a family together in love that conquers all things.

I love you, forever and always I’m proud to call you My Mom!

-Love from me! Your one and only oldest, strong willed, spirited, energetic daughter
(Image by: Steven Brandt)

Gyros from scratch

My love for gyros has been going on ever since my dear friend out east introduced me to this amazing home town Greek restaurant. Forever changed.

Recently I decided to try my hand at making my own gyro meat. I tried a few different recipes and all either came out crumbly or lacked flavor. I found this one by Alton Brown on the! Let’s be real. Can’t go wrong with trying one of his!

I did want a bit more flavoring, so continued trying other herb combinations. I came across Rebecca’s recipe on She had some great extra steps to get the flavor to pop. My heart was pretty darn happy after trying it! I decided to adapted it to the portion size of Alton Brown’s.

After tweaking both of them I came to the perfect combination! Big thanks to Alton who’s featured on foodnetwork often and Rebecca from for inspiring this recipie.

So here it is… My final results on making home-made gyro meat!


1 pound ground lamb

1 pound ground grass fed beef

1/2 medium yellow onion

1 tablespoon finally minced fresh garlic

1 tablespoon dried marjoram

1 tablespoon dried ground rosemary

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 1/2 teaspoon oregano

Food prep:

I use 1lb of lamb and 1lb of grass fed beef. 1lb of Lamb can be found for around $10 at the higher end local grochery stores. Lamb is very good healthy meat choice for your body. In addition,

Lamb meat is more likely then not to be treated better then port, beef, or chicken. Because sheep typically are raised in more humane environments then other animals. They are less likely to be raised in confined factory farming conditions.

Add the ground lamb and ground beef to a big bowl. And set aside. It’s important for the meats consistency to keep the meat as chilled as possible till it hits the oven. If you are thawing the meat, keep this in mind.

Chop up the onion. Now transfer to a food processor. Pulse the chopped onion till it’s finally chopped. About 15 seconds. Remove the onion from the food processor onto the center of a clean towel. Gather the ends of the towel to ring out all the extra juices left in the onion. Toss the juice. This step is essential in insuring there is not too much moister in the gyro meat, resulting in it crumbling. Add the onion to the bowl with the meat.

I like it to be full of flavor! So if you’re like me and don’t like bland meat, this will not disappoint! Add in the salt, garlic, and all other herbs to the bowl with the meat mixture.

Useing a wooden spoon, mix it all together.

If time allows, at this stage it’s benificial to put the meat mixture in the fridge for a few hours, or over night.  This allows the salt to soak into the meat, playing a big roll in the proper texture. Also during cooking, it’s this step that helps the meat to hold in the liquid juices that are full of flavor. If you need to skip this step, no worries, you’ll still have enjoyable gyro meat.

Place the meat mixture into the food processor for about 1 minute. You want the texture to feel tacky like a fine paste. It will look similar to this…

Cooking instructions:

Preheat oven to 325F. Start boiling a medium pot of water on the stove. This will be used for the water bath later.

Place the meat mixture into a meatloaf/loaf pan. I use my grandma’s glass Pyrex dish that inherited. You know, the ones that were brown and incomparable to the ones made today! Man I love it!

Firmly pack the mixture in the pan to avoid any air pockets in the meat. This is where using a glass loaf pan comes in handy. If it’s not firmly packed down you’ll end up with crumbly meat.

Now to prepare the water bath. To do this I used the large glass Pyrex roasting pan. Line the bottom and sides with a towel. Then place the loaf pan in the roasting pan.

Place uncovered in preheated oven on the middle rack. Carefully fill with the boiling water till it reaches 2/3 of the way up the meatloaf pan. Check to make sure this water stays at this level while cooking. I keep boiling water ready to add part way through.

Cook between 60-70 minutes. Or until meat tempatures reads at 165F degrees and meat is no longer pink.

Remove from oven. Carefully take the loaf pan from the roasting pan, and pour out any extra juices. Place the loaf pan on a wired cooling rack.

Take a foil wrapped brick, lay it directly on the meat. This step helps to compress the meat. Leave it there for around 30 minutes, give or take. Remove the brick. *This step can be optional if you don’t have a brick.* However, even if you skip the brick, still let the pan cool on wire rack enough before the next step.

Now that it’s not piping hot. Cover loaf pan with plastic wrap and transfer to the fridge to fully cool for the easiest slicing. Or if it’s winter you can speed it up by placing the covered loaf pan outside for about 30 minutes.

Once fully cooled, remove the gyro loaf onto a cutting board and thinly slice.  Add to a warm pita with Taziki sauce, avacado, lettuce, tomato, onion and feta cheese. Enjoy!!!

*update* I do pan fry the individual slices to get the crispy outer texture. I fry them up using the juices or olive oil.

To the Tired Toddler Mama

Dear sweet Mama’s of those tiny toddler humans,

You’re worn. You’re drained. Your heart strings are so pulled and stretched out. Beaten down with discouragement. Feeling like the light at the end of the toddler stage is just too far away. Defeated. Sleepy beyond the Zombie stage. Maybe just plain clueless at what you should try next. Concerned you’re failing.

I understand. I’ve been there. At some point on those tough days we all have a little moment of “I just don’t know what to do.” Then the questioning our selves might try to seep in.

Let me tell you though dear tired Mama. You are enough!

Right now, in this moment, in this challenge of raising that tiny human, you are ENOUGH! You are strong. Resilient. Beautiful. Equipped. Talented. Loving. Capable. An Overcomer. Tough. Amazing.

Right now in this moment, in this challenge of raising a tiny human, you are ENOUGH!

 You were designed with a love that loves deeply, unconditionally even through the loud yells of “no” as they refuse to nap on a day you needed it just as much as they did after the rough morning. You were designed by Love for love. You are a Mother!

Through out history, women have been shown to be strong!  The ones to hold a home together when chaos surrounds and seems to engulf it. You’re amazing just like those many women who have gone before you.

Being a mother is tough. No secret there. But you are tougher. Everything you need for this moment, you have with in you. Be brave mama. Be brave, reach down deep for that last bit of energy. It’s there.

Use your village. Don’t isolate your self during those movements of what seem like pure survival mode. And reach out for that village of friends, and fellow mamas, the novice mamas.

Have grace. Not just on the little tiny rambunctious humans running around at your feet. Have grace on the situation. Most of all though, have grace on your self! You’re a super women, but a human one.

Most of all though, have grace on your self!

 Breath. Time is fleeting. Fast. Might seem like it’s dragging on… Never ending. But this time all too soon will be a tiny speck in the rear view mirror of motherhood. Breathe.

Embrace the challenge. Embrace the opportunity for growth. Embrace the time of extra sweet snuggles even on the day that your list was longer then time allowed for. Even on those days your overstimulated and just don’t want ANYONE touching you. Embrace the tiny moments of calm. They might be tiny. But embrace the oasis.

Be confident because you are capable. You will be victorious over yet another chapter in raising that tiny human that was designed just for you to raise, guide and love! Again, you are love dear mama, made from Love!

Thrive! You can thrive during these sleepless nights, runny noses from endless winter sickness, testy tiny human who is just reaching for affirmation in every way in everything, the little who’s not eating anything besides grapes just because. Don’t just think you have to learn to survive in these trials. Learn to thrive in them!

You’re worth is so powerful in those moments. Your value in the little ones eyes is that you are a hero to them… Wait till the tantrum stops, even after they were so angry they still see you as a hero. Even after you broke their heart saying it was time to leave the zoo, they still think you are lots of fun. Even on the days that you just couldn’t get that make up all on, only had 3 minutes to spare since your day started on yesterday’s list of things to do, they still think you are the most beautiful mama. Thrive. Thrive in that worth, the value that not just you were created by Love and loved by Him, but that your tiny humans love you, probably more then anything else. Regardless of the tough week(s), your the best mama in their eyes. You are all they need in that moment. Thrive knowing that! And if they could express just that in their tiny yet loud vocabulary, I know they would.

Those tiny humans would say. ..

Thank you mama! You’re doing great! I wish I could understand what all was going on during these times of growth in my mind and body. But  even though you don’t understand either, you are always there. Thanks for always being there, because I need you, a lot right now.  Thanks for always giving me everything you have to give and more. I believe in you.  I love you, and that super hero cape! I want one just like it one day, to be just like you!

– Your tired, energetic, maybe cranky, confused, growing, smart, born for greatness Tiny Toddler Human

 (Image by: Steven Brandt)

Healthy Pre-Packaged Adult Snacks

Anyone else working on getting healthy this year? Here are my two favorite snacks for easy “grab n go”.  Awesome part is the kiddos love them too. This could be a bad thing if it means you have to share these snacks of pure yumminess.

1. Seaweed Snacks: so many stores carry these now. There are 3 different top brands [Gimme Organic, Annie Chun’s and SeaSnax]. I’ve tried all and they are equally fresh and yummy. I enjoy the different flavors that Gimme Organic has. Their Wasabi is my top choice.

  • Low calories: 20 per serving
  • Low carbs: 1g per serving
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors
  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Gluten free

2. Bel Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella: seriously can’t get more perfect then this. Each package has 3 fresh mini mozzarella balls. Costco for the win here. To top it off, they are made in Wisconsin 30 min from where I grew up (high five to my fello WI peeps). *buy local*

  • Low calories: 70 per serving
  • Low carbs: 1g per serving
  • Gluten free

St Patrick’s Day- Visit from the Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s day! I take lots of joy in my job as a nanny. I’m grateful for the memory that children have to remind me of things that at times I blank on (I can’t be the only mom like that LOL). Yesterday was one of those days, when the 4 year old said “Remember last year, the leprechaun peed green in their toilet, leaving footprints and special chocolate gold coins.” Oh shoot! That’s right, the “Leprechaun” did do that last year! Oh thank you Jesus that sweet boy remembered the day BEFORE to buy me time to plan.

Welp, the Leprechaun visited today! He left a special letter, making note that he hid a three-leaf clover for the littles to search for!


My little reading the letter. Dirty nails provide proof it’s been a morning of playing outside in the warmer weather.

Snow is all melted this year so he didn’t leave any messy green boot prints around the house like last year.  But the hunt for the clover was even more enjoyable.


“Here!” the little voice said as he spotted the clover.

The three-leaf clover was so fun to make! Who loves origami?! Here is my picture tutorial, inspired by Noreen Doll’s three-leaf clover at crafty They are made from three $1 bills folded into the shape of a heart. I followed Noreen’s tutorial.


Face the dollar backside up. Fold up the bottom of the dollar 1/4 inch.
Fold the dollar in half, make a crease. Open it back up.
Fold the bottom right edge of the dollar in toward the center crease.
Do the same on the left side.
Turn the dollar over, so Washington makes eye contact with you. Stuff is getting real now ;).  Fold the two center corners downward to line up with the top of the dollar.
Take the outer corners folding them, downward to line up with the top of the dollar as well.
The pointed edges each get folded inward. Do so, that the  points meets the other points from the corners of the dollar .

Voila! A beautiful heart.
In honor of this day I want to share a prayer of St Patrick’s, as this is my prayer for all of you today. We used this today to also tie in talking about God’s strength, power, and wisdom with the kids. Be safe, have a great St Patrick’s Day!


Prayer For The Faithful 

“May the Strength of God guide us.
May the Power of God preserve us.
May the Wisdom of God instruct us.
May the Hand of God protect us.
May the Way of God direct us.
May the Shield of God defend us.
May the Angels of God guard us.
– Against the snares of the evil one.

May Christ be with us!
May Christ be before us!
May Christ be in us,
Christ be over all!

May Thy Grace, Lord,
Always be ours,
This day, O Lord, and forevermore. Amen.”


Glass Jar Pantry Overhaul!

I’ve been going through my house Konmari style the last many months purging anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. This book is amazing and life changing! If  you’ve not yet checked it out, well you should of like yesterday. For me the kitchen cupboards, my pantry, kept haunting me and brought me zero “joy”. I’ve been baking a lot this past year and make most things from scratch especially having recently being diagnosed with celiacs. I’ve come to enjoy my kitchen time a lot. So even more so, I wanted an easy accessible, compact, durable, tight sealing, but yet eye appealing way to store both the spices and the typical pantry items.

Being green and keeping as many toxics out of my home, especially food, was a must when considering storage containers. Naturally (pun intended haha) I settled on using glass. You’d be surprised at how many glass canisters have horrible reviews on actually being air tight, the whole purpose of pantry storage.  So after about a month of looking at different glass containers from Amazon, Crate And Barrel, World Market, and others, I decided to try the Hobby Lobby glass jars for the majority of my items.

I went with the square shaped, flipped lid, harness top jars found here. It’s a fantastic design for a good tight seal with the silicone ring. I’ve had zero problems so far with things going stale. Many other brands with similar designs felt cheaply made and the metal harness clamp felt weak. But these are a solid design. I would suggest when washing the jars you remove the metal harness and clamp to prevent rust. The 650ML (H: 5 1/4″) size is perfect for fitting two small cans of baking soda, baking powder, meringue powder and those other baking ingredients of smaller quantities. The 1200ML (H: 8″) works great for holding 24oz bag of Bob’s Red Mill corn flour, coconut flour, or oatmeal. I used this size for storing my sushi rice as well. The 1500ML (H: 9 1/2″) is what I used to store brown sugar. The 2100ML (H: 11 1/2″) is tall enough to store spaghetti or an entire 40oz bag of Bob’s Red Mill almond flour. For the spaghetti and penne noodles I decided on Hobby Lobby’s trendy looking glass jars with brushed metal screw on lid. These canisters add some variety yet still keep a clean look to the pantry. I got the 2100ML one for the tall spaghetti, and the 1600ML for storing the penne. I also used these for my tea and coffee that will be placed on the coffee bar (when that project is finished).  For the bulk items I choose Hobby Lobby’s 1 Gallon jars with a screw on lid. The gallon jar size holds comfortably an entire 5lb bag of flour. Win!!! For the little spice jars, I ended up going with the most adorable 4 inch tall glass harness jars , also found at Hobby Lobby. They are my favorite just because of how cute and colorful the spices look being displayed in them! Who doesn’t love seeing the fun pop of color when opening the cupboard to cook dinner!

For the labels, I fell in love with the trendy chalkboard idea but wanted something chic, not too modern. Lord knows I was not about to pretend I had stellar artsy penmanship (forgive me as I lust over the penmanship of the women who have that cutesie style writing. You know, those added dots and swirls…*swoon*). I needed a template that I could edit to add in some of those less popular pantry items like corn flour, coconut sugar ect. I came across these adorable labels designed by Lia Griffith on her site here. I decided to use my own fonts instead of those from the font download she provides, though her fonts are adorable! It’s super easy, you download the file and then since these exact ones are an editable download, you type in your so desired pantry items. I printed mine out on Avery White Full-Sheet labels (8165), from amazon. Voila!!!! Cutting them all out is a bit tedious but so very worth it!

My pantry is well on its way to being complete. Next will be the oils and vinegars to be bottled and labeled. Still deciding on if I want a cork or harness top. I’ll post the update on those when I do decide. Happy Konmaring and decorating – Sarah