To the Tired Toddler Mama

Dear sweet Mama’s of those tiny toddler humans,

You’re worn. You’re drained. Your heart strings are so pulled and stretched out. Beaten down with discouragement. Feeling like the light at the end of the toddler stage is just too far away. Defeated. Sleepy beyond the Zombie stage. Maybe just plain clueless at what you should try next. Concerned you’re failing.

I understand. I’ve been there. At some point on those tough days we all have a little moment of “I just don’t know what to do.” Then the questioning our selves might try to seep in.

Let me tell you though dear tired Mama. You are enough!

Right now, in this moment, in this challenge of raising that tiny human, you are ENOUGH! You are strong. Resilient. Beautiful. Equipped. Talented. Loving. Capable. An Overcomer. Tough. Amazing.

Right now in this moment, in this challenge of raising a tiny human, you are ENOUGH!

 You were designed with a love that loves deeply, unconditionally even through the loud yells of “no” as they refuse to nap on a day you needed it just as much as they did after the rough morning. You were designed by Love for love. You are a Mother!

Through out history, women have been shown to be strong!  The ones to hold a home together when chaos surrounds and seems to engulf it. You’re amazing just like those many women who have gone before you.

Being a mother is tough. No secret there. But you are tougher. Everything you need for this moment, you have with in you. Be brave mama. Be brave, reach down deep for that last bit of energy. It’s there.

Use your village. Don’t isolate your self during those movements of what seem like pure survival mode. And reach out for that village of friends, and fellow mamas, the novice mamas.

Have grace. Not just on the little tiny rambunctious humans running around at your feet. Have grace on the situation. Most of all though, have grace on your self! You’re a super women, but a human one.

Most of all though, have grace on your self!

 Breath. Time is fleeting. Fast. Might seem like it’s dragging on… Never ending. But this time all too soon will be a tiny speck in the rear view mirror of motherhood. Breathe.

Embrace the challenge. Embrace the opportunity for growth. Embrace the time of extra sweet snuggles even on the day that your list was longer then time allowed for. Even on those days your overstimulated and just don’t want ANYONE touching you. Embrace the tiny moments of calm. They might be tiny. But embrace the oasis.

Be confident because you are capable. You will be victorious over yet another chapter in raising that tiny human that was designed just for you to raise, guide and love! Again, you are love dear mama, made from Love!

Thrive! You can thrive during these sleepless nights, runny noses from endless winter sickness, testy tiny human who is just reaching for affirmation in every way in everything, the little who’s not eating anything besides grapes just because. Don’t just think you have to learn to survive in these trials. Learn to thrive in them!

You’re worth is so powerful in those moments. Your value in the little ones eyes is that you are a hero to them… Wait till the tantrum stops, even after they were so angry they still see you as a hero. Even after you broke their heart saying it was time to leave the zoo, they still think you are lots of fun. Even on the days that you just couldn’t get that make up all on, only had 3 minutes to spare since your day started on yesterday’s list of things to do, they still think you are the most beautiful mama. Thrive. Thrive in that worth, the value that not just you were created by Love and loved by Him, but that your tiny humans love you, probably more then anything else. Regardless of the tough week(s), your the best mama in their eyes. You are all they need in that moment. Thrive knowing that! And if they could express just that in their tiny yet loud vocabulary, I know they would.

Those tiny humans would say. ..

Thank you mama! You’re doing great! I wish I could understand what all was going on during these times of growth in my mind and body. But  even though you don’t understand either, you are always there. Thanks for always being there, because I need you, a lot right now.  Thanks for always giving me everything you have to give and more. I believe in you.  I love you, and that super hero cape! I want one just like it one day, to be just like you!

– Your tired, energetic, maybe cranky, confused, growing, smart, born for greatness Tiny Toddler Human

 (Image by: Steven Brandt)


Healthy Pre-Packaged Adult Snacks

Anyone else working on getting healthy this year? Here are my two favorite snacks for easy “grab n go”.  Awesome part is the kiddos love them too. This could be a bad thing if it means you have to share these snacks of pure yumminess.

1. Seaweed Snacks: so many stores carry these now. There are 3 different top brands [Gimme Organic, Annie Chun’s and SeaSnax]. I’ve tried all and they are equally fresh and yummy. I enjoy the different flavors that Gimme Organic has. Their Wasabi is my top choice.

  • Low calories: 20 per serving
  • Low carbs: 1g per serving
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors
  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Gluten free

2. Bel Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella: seriously can’t get more perfect then this. Each package has 3 fresh mini mozzarella balls. Costco for the win here. To top it off, they are made in Wisconsin 30 min from where I grew up (high five to my fello WI peeps). *buy local*

  • Low calories: 70 per serving
  • Low carbs: 1g per serving
  • Gluten free

St Patrick’s Day- Visit from the Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s day! I take lots of joy in my job as a nanny. I’m grateful for the memory that children have to remind me of things that at times I blank on (I can’t be the only mom like that LOL). Yesterday was one of those days, when the 4 year old said “Remember last year, the leprechaun peed green in their toilet, leaving footprints and special chocolate gold coins.” Oh shoot! That’s right, the “Leprechaun” did do that last year! Oh thank you Jesus that sweet boy remembered the day BEFORE to buy me time to plan.

Welp, the Leprechaun visited today! He left a special letter, making note that he hid a three-leaf clover for the littles to search for!


My little reading the letter. Dirty nails provide proof it’s been a morning of playing outside in the warmer weather.

Snow is all melted this year so he didn’t leave any messy green boot prints around the house like last year.  But the hunt for the clover was even more enjoyable.


“Here!” the little voice said as he spotted the clover.

The three-leaf clover was so fun to make! Who loves origami?! Here is my picture tutorial, inspired by Noreen Doll’s three-leaf clover at crafty They are made from three $1 bills folded into the shape of a heart. I followed Noreen’s tutorial.


Face the dollar backside up. Fold up the bottom of the dollar 1/4 inch.
Fold the dollar in half, make a crease. Open it back up.
Fold the bottom right edge of the dollar in toward the center crease.
Do the same on the left side.
Turn the dollar over, so Washington makes eye contact with you. Stuff is getting real now ;).  Fold the two center corners downward to line up with the top of the dollar.
Take the outer corners folding them, downward to line up with the top of the dollar as well.
The pointed edges each get folded inward. Do so, that the  points meets the other points from the corners of the dollar .

Voila! A beautiful heart.
In honor of this day I want to share a prayer of St Patrick’s, as this is my prayer for all of you today. We used this today to also tie in talking about God’s strength, power, and wisdom with the kids. Be safe, have a great St Patrick’s Day!


Prayer For The Faithful 

“May the Strength of God guide us.
May the Power of God preserve us.
May the Wisdom of God instruct us.
May the Hand of God protect us.
May the Way of God direct us.
May the Shield of God defend us.
May the Angels of God guard us.
– Against the snares of the evil one.

May Christ be with us!
May Christ be before us!
May Christ be in us,
Christ be over all!

May Thy Grace, Lord,
Always be ours,
This day, O Lord, and forevermore. Amen.”